1Symposium Evaluation


Thank you for attending the OCC Student Project and Research Symposium and completing our evaluation survey. Your feedback will enable us to improve this symposium to better meet the needs of our OCC community. 


1.1 How did you hear about the Symposium? Please check all that apply.


1.2 What is your current role at OCC as an attendee to the Symposium? Check all that apply.


1.3 Please indicate which session(s)/presentation(s) you attended. Please check all that apply.


Please rate the following: 


Clarity of schedule




Ease of website navigation




Visual quality of presentations




Audio quality of presentations




Quality of Zoom Q&A sessions




1.9Did you attend the symposium last year?


1.10If possible, would you be interested in participating in the symposium in the future?





2.1If you are a student: how many semesters have you attended at OCC?


2.2If you are a student: In which division is your academic major?




2.4Age group


2.5 Specify your race/ethnicity. Please check all that apply.


2.6 If you are a student please answer the following: What are your current educational goals? Check all that apply.


2.7Are you the first in your family to attend college?

3Thank you for attending the Symposium!


3.1If you are a student: Are you receiving extra credit for attending this symposium?


Thank you for your participation in today's Symposium! 

We appreciate your feedback and hope to see you at the Symposium next year.

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