1Collecting feedback from OCC students is vital for improving the quality of our services.  This is a confidential survey, and completing it is completely voluntary.  Your responses to this survey will in no way affect your services from OCC, your academic standing or your relationship with any OCC faculty or staff member.

1.1 Please indicate the purpose of your visit today. Check all that apply.


1.2How often do you visit the Transfer Center?

2Please rate your satisfaction level on each of the statements below, following your visit to the Transfer Center today.


Extent to which staff/counselors answered my questions and responded to my concerns




Extent to which staff/counselors made appropriate referrals




Extent to which I have an increased understanding of transfer process/requirements




Availability of Transfer Center facilities, resources, and computers




Overall experience at the Transfer Center



3Please do not include the names of any individuals.  The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the Transfer Center as a department.